Specialized Equipment

Orion Rigging Company has a large inventory of specialized lifting solutions, including –

  • Hoist Liftruck FR 40/60
    • The FR 40-60 is engineered specifically with riggers in mind, and designed for mobility, strength and effortless handling. The FR 40-60 has an extendable frame to acquire an extensive capacity. Along with a removable boom, the FR 40-60 can lift up to 40,000 lbs with the chassis retracted or up to 60,000 lbs with the chassis extended. The FR 40-60 is the perfect liftruck for moving heaving machinery safely on all smooth surfaces.
      • Additional FEATURES:
        • Extendable Counterweight
        • Removable Boom with Interchangeable Forks
        • Hydrostatic Transmission
        • Planetary Drive Axle
        • Remote-Control and Camera Systems for Safe Operation
  • Hoist Liftruck FR 25/35
    • Versatility is key with the FR 25/35. This extraordinary liftruck provides a capacity range of 25,000 to 35,000 pounds with just a push of a button. The extendable frame provides additional capacity when needed to give operators the versatility to lift and transport a variety of heavy machines or other large loads.
      • Additional FEATURES:
        • 76-inch wheelbase and 24-inch load center
        • Powered by a GM 3.0L L4 Engine
        • Heavy-duty planetary power wheels
        • Remote-Control and Camera Systems for Safe Operation
    • Hydraulic jacking systems (300t capacity)
    • Hydraulic gantry system (500t capacity)
  • Cranes ranging from 40t to 600t
  • Forklifts ranging from 5,000lb – 80,000lb

Legal and Super-load Transportation Services