Expert Planning & Proven Industry Performance

The Orion Rigging Company is committed to providing customers with specialized, professional services that exceed expectations in both efficiency and safety. We use state-of-the-art equipment to customize our services and help achieve complete customer satisfaction. With an extensive network of heavy haul transporters, crane services, and warehousing facilities, we are proud to offer a full turnkey solution for all of your industrial, manufacturing, heavy-haul, and heavy-lifting needs.

As a premier rigging service provider in the Midwest region, we believe that success is best measured by customer satisfaction and customer retention. We are eager to build long-term relationships with each of our customers. Expansion and modification projects, new construction, industrial relocations, site development, and daily maintenance issues all require safe and specialized logistical support. With  many years of  rigging experience, Orion Rigging Company has the answer to your problem.

We look forward to working with your project management team to provide you with a customized, professional, and cost-effective solution, while eliminating your risk of extended downtime and hidden expenses. At Orion Rigging we have the equipment and the experience to get your job done right.

For more information on the services we can provide for your project, please contact for a free estimate!